Dr Juliet Lyne, GP with an interest in the menopause

Don’t forget about contraception even if you think you are in or have been through the menopause.

Women need to continue using contraception for 12 months after their last menstrual period if they are aged over 50; or 24 months after their last period if they are aged under 50. If you do not have periods due to your current contraception or HRT then a blood test for FSH can assist you and your doctor to know when it is safe to stop your contraception.

HRT is not a contraceptive, however a Mirena coil can be used as both contraception and endometrial protection in HRT. You can use contraception such as the Progesterone Only Pill alongside HRT if you need to.

In general, contraception can be stopped in all women at the age of 55 as the chance of conceiving naturally after this age is extremely low.

Emily Fisher

Emily’s story

Lorraine Sims

Lorraine’s Story

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is not a “one size fits all” treatments – the type and dosage given will vary according to your needs. There are many different combinations available, which can be taken in various ways – oral tablets, skin patches (like plasters), gels or sprays. The optimal type of HRT is body identical…

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

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