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Progesterone Intolerance

Progesterone is needed for women who still have a womb to protect the lining of the womb from becoming thick.  It can be given in various ways, in some combination patches, tablets, capsules, vaginally, and from a hormone coil.

But unfortunately, some women struggle with side effects from synthetic progestogens and also from progesterone and it can cause side effects such as mood changes, breast tenderness, bloating, skin changes and bleeding issues.

Often, women can overcome these issues by taking micronised progesterone, which is a naturally derived and body identical progesterone.

If you are suffering from any side effects, please discuss any issues with a medical professional, who can help you make choices and change your HRT regime.

Brain fog is a very common symptom of the perimenopause and menopause, and many women say that their brains feel like ‘cotton wool’. You might have noticed that you’re increasingly forgetful, can’t remember names, lose your keys, write endless to do lists, and find it hard to retain information. This can make it especially hard…

Brain fog

Every woman will experience menopause – but your experience of menopause is unique to you, which is the main reason why there’s so much confusion about symptoms and treatment. Put simply, menopause refers to the time when you stop having periods and can no longer get pregnant naturally. This occurs because your ovaries stop producing…

What is menopause?

Why does bone health matter? Bone tissue is made up of cells and blood vessels that help the bone grow and repair itself. The amount of bone tissue you have is known as bone density and is a measure of how strong and healthy your bones are. By your late thirties, your bone density starts…

Lifestyle for healthy bones