Samantha Evans, sexual health and pleasure expert at Jo Divine

Sex and menopause

Having an intimate health regime can really help you enjoy pleasurable sex and keep your vulva, vagina and bladder healthy by preventing thrush, bacterial vaginosis, cystitis, urethral irritation, itching, discomfort  and pain.

Using local oestrogen, a good vaginal moisturiser such as YESVM, skin safe lubricants such as YES organics or Sutil Luxe for any sex play and taking HRT all help as does enjoying regular orgasms which help to promote your own natural lubrication keeping your vagina healthy, promoting sleep and boosting arousal and all those feel good endorphins.

Only wash your vulva with water or use a gentle emollient and avoid any intimate hygiene products and sexual lubricants which contain irritating ingredients including glycerine, glycols and parabens, dyes, glitter and perfume. If you experience vaginal dryness, itching, discharge, pain or any abnormal symptoms see your GP, don’t self treat with over the counter products. Many of these products are ineffective, exacerbate or mask symptoms so don’t waste your money.

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