Becky Stopp

Becky's Story

Firstly I want to say a big thank you for the high quality information you provide for free, to educate us about the menopause and treatment options. It has changed my life for the better.

I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumour when I was 27. My periods began to become infrequent when I was 23 before completely stopping. It was a growth hormone producing tumour so I underwent two surgeries to remove it but my pituitary never fully recovered. Therefore, I effectively went into menopause in my early 20’s. Supressing the tumour and growth hormone levels was the focus of the treatment and my endocrinologists. This was essential but so many of my symptoms were actually related to a lack of other hormones and this was never properly managed. It’s been a long, hard fight to get where I am today and your information has helped tremendously.

My second endocrinologist prescribed an oestrogen only pill (synthetic form) when I was 31. I refused this and went cold turkey trying lots of alternative treatments. I still felt awful so I went direct to my GP who prescribed a combined synthetic pill (Elleste Duet). This gave a me a withdrawal bleed. My first period n over 10 years! I felt like a woman again but my symptoms were not improving. In fact my shortness of breath was getting worse and my blood pressure was rising.

I began reading everything I could to try and understand my options. I was just about to pay for a bioidentical private hormone consultation, when I found your website! Finally some quality and evidence based information that I could understand and that was UK/NHS integrated. I went back to my GP sure of what hormones I wanted to try. It took another few years but I’m currently on 1.5 mg of Sandrena gel daily, 100mg of vaginal utrogestan cyclically and 3xpumps weekly of testosterone. I’m 38 now and feel like my old, pre-crazy hormone disruption self! I’m not currently on social media as I found it so overwhelming and anxiety inducing, so I haven’t shared my story before.

I really appreciate all that you do! Please keep up the fantastic work

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