June 2023

This June, Martin Newham is walking a million steps in 30 days to help raise funds for The Menopause Charity.

This June, Martin Newham is walking a million steps in 30 days to help raise funds for The Menopause Charity.


Martin began walking seriously in summer 2022 as a way of losing a little bit of weight.  Gradually he was walking further and further on weekends.  Having seen some people complete the challenge over 3 months, Martin wondered about walking a million steps in 30 days.


To keep on track with the challenge, Martin rises around 5am during the week to get steps in on his way to work, before tackling longer distances at the weekend.  He event completed the Northumberland Coastal challenge, a 26-mile linear route during the hottest weekend of the year.


Martin says “It’s important that men understand menopause too, we will have at least one significant female relationship in our lives, be that wife, partner, sister or mother.  It’s not something to be embarrassed to talk about, to just ignore.  Sometimes just being there and having a rudimentary understanding of what’s happening can be a huge support.”


Jenny Haskey, CEO at The Menopause Charity says, “We couldn’t be prouder of Martin walking a million steps in 30 days. He has stayed motivated despite the weather and pain, but importantly, Martin has also ensured that he has helped raise vital awareness.  It is so important that everyone understands menopause, and feels comfortable to talk about it.  We know that by Martin talking about his challenge and menopause daily on social media, he will have helped other men feel more confident in joining the conversation and hopefully helping support a loved one.”


Every woman will experience menopause, a phase of life that brings about physical, psychological and emotional changes.  As a partner, it is important to know the changes that occur, as your understanding and support during this period is crucial for your relationship.  Is your partner experiencing menopause? is a short article with some practical tips for partners.


Follow Martin’s progress on Instagram @walkingformenopause and show your support as he looks to raise £2,000 for The Menopause Charity. 

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