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The Menopause Charity has been awarded the PIF TICK – the UK’s only assessed quality mark for print and online health and care information.

The Menopause Charity has been awarded the PIF TICK – the UK’s only assessed quality mark for print and online health and care information.  Our menopause information that bears the quality mark indicates that it’s gone through a professional and robust production process.

What is PIF TICK?

The PIF TICK is the UK-wide quality mark for trusted health information.  Achieving this official certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality health information.

Having the PIF TICK on our content shows that our health information has been through a professional and robust production process. To hold the PIF TICK, we are required to show our health information production process meets 10 criteria.

The criteria for trustworthy health information

  • Systematic: Information produced is done so in a consistent manner – it adheres to particular documented processes to ensure quality.
  • Supportive: Staff or content creators receive consistent training and support to ensure health information reflects current guidelines and advice.
  • Subjective: Resources that are produced can meet and address a genuine need – we are not rehashing the same content or conversation
  • Sound: The information produced is evidence-based, clearly communicated and created in line with up-to-date, reliable data
  • Supportive: Users or consumers of the information are involved in reviewing and developing the content produced – it should be subject to feedback.
  • Sympathetic: Health information is produced to meet the needs of the intended target audience. It is accessible and considers the use of language (including digital literacy) in its formation. In doing so, information is considerate of existing and ongoing health inequalities.
  • Substance: Content is clearly communicated – designed to be accessible and easy to navigate
  • Sensical: There are established processes through which content consumers can provide
  • Spread: Health information is circulated widely – promoted by creators and the charity to attain maximum reach
  • Scope: How health information is utilised is evaluated, and measures to ascertain the impact of the work

This means you can have peace of mind that the information that you are accessing to is evidence-based, understandable, jargon-free, up-to-date and produced to the best possible standard.

Trusted information

There’s a lot of information online and it can be scary and confusing to know what to trust.

Highlighting the PIF Tick on our health information means you can be assured that what you are reading, watching or listening to is evidence-based, understandable, jargon-free, non-biased, up-to-date and produced to the best possible standard.

Before being published, our information is reviewed by members of MenoPulse (our Patient and Public Insight Group), members of our Clinical Advisory Panel and other relevant specialists.

Why is PIF TICK so important?

Our experience shows that when women and other individuals experiencing menopause symptoms have access to evidence-based menopause information, it helps them seek out relevant and appropriate care and treatment.

Increased media focusing on the impact of perimenopause and menopause has helped raise much-needed awareness.  Yet misinformation about recommended treatment options has increased, leaving many confused about whom to trust.

Therefore, it is imperative everyone is able to access resources that have been created in line with up-to-date, unbiased, evidence-based findings. Moreover, to seek comfort in the knowledge that certified medical experts have appropriately reviewed this information and is independent of any one clinical viewpoint.

Who or what is PIF?

The PIF TICK, which launched in May 2020 is run by the non-profit Patient Information Forum (PIF).

PIF represents more than 300 organisations across the NHS, voluntary, academic, freelance and commercial sectors. Their expert guidance on the production of high-quality health information supports an improved healthcare experience for patients and the public. The aim is to empower people to make informed decisions about their health and improve outcomes. Obtaining health information about their condition is often a part of people’s recovery journey and should be accessible to all.

In July 2021, a public website,, was launched to raise awareness of PIF TICK accredited members and help people find trusted health information.  The site also includes guides on topics including spotting false health information and understanding evidence.

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