The Menopause Movement programme will shine a light on the impact menopausal symptoms have on women’s health, wellbeing and careers and explore future-focused solutions along with the latest hormone therapy research”

Louise MinchinJournalist and News presenter

As a GP, I know women have a particularly tough time, suffering from the misconceptions around perimenopause and menopause. As we’re expected to live and work longer, supporting other generations, we must ensure that all women who suffer from hormone deficiency in menopause are given the best care, counselling and treatment, and it’s particularly important to reach out to those in underserved communities.”

Dr Radhika VohraMenopause specialist and Trustee of The Menopause Charity

It’s an absolute travesty what has happened to women’s health over the last 20 years, which has been directly due to misinformation given to women, health professionals and the media about the perceived risks of HRT. It is totally barbaric and inhuman how many women are refused their hormones for the wrong reasons.”

Dr Louise NewsonFounder of The Menopause Charity

For too long women have been told to keep calm and carry on and this is the beginning of a movement to give women the choice they deserve. The Charity will empower, support and educate women as well helping to protect their long term health”

Emma WilkinsonCEO of The Menopause Charity

I’d like everyone to feel supported, so no matter what the menopause may bring at least they feel armed with wise and accurate information. Since researching my menopause book, I’ve become ever more convinced of the overwhelming health benefits of hormone replacement therapy for the majority of women.”

Liz Earle MBE

The menopause can be a lonely place. But, as I know from my athletics training – I represented Britain in the triple jump at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, and retired in 2006 – if you feel supported by someone who’s cheering you on, everything is easier.”

Michelle Griffith Robinson OLY

I used to think that menopause was an age thing and now I realise it’s a woman thing. For far too long, there’s been a shroud of embarrassment, shame and fear around this topic, and this is where it stops! I’m supporting the Menopause Charity. It’s not sponsored by any pharmaceutical companies and it’s going to give honest and helpful advice to all women who are going through this difficult time of their lives.”

Davina McCall

Every time we mention menopause on the show there’s a big reaction. We need to keep banging the drum and keep it in the public eye, and make sure all women can access the help they need in every part of the country – and not just those who can afford a private doctor.”

Lorraine Kelly CBE